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We are a privately held investment company with a vision focused on integrity, adaptability and sustainability in helping to build the next big movement in technology, entertainment, hospitality, health and philanthropy.  

Current Projects

Sangre Vida Therapy 


The Builtco Principles




County Road 2217 


Gran Ganador Tequila 


Past Projects

Union Mortgage - Austin, Texas

BuiltByMiguel - Dallas, Texas

Energy Fitness - Dallas Texas

Builtco Body and Fitness - Dallas Texas

Builtco Macros - Dallas, Texas

Tribe Athletics - Dallas, Texas

BodyMed Athletic Medical Spa - Dallas, Texas

Poundcake - Dallas, Texas

Muscle Maker Grill - Dallas, Texas

Miguel's Grill and Bar - Dallas, Texas

About the Founder

Miguel Salazar Martinez is an American entrepreneur born in Fort Worth, Texas.   Miguel's first entrepreneurial venture was as an independent contractor for the Temple Daily Telegram waking up at 4:30am to deliver newspapers on his bicycle to his customers by 6am.  Miguel graduated from Temple High School in 1987 and worked various jobs to put himself through college part-time until he graduated at the age of 26 with a Bachelor's degree in 1996.  Miguel was the only paternal grandchild of eight to graduate from college and only one of three out of 29 maternal grandchildren to do so.   After graduation, Miguel only worked five years as a W-2 employee starting as a marketing coordinator and leaving at the top of his field at the age of 31 as the Director of Marketing and Development for a statewide agency.  He loved marketing and wanted to apply this experience to endeavors in entrepreneurship.  Since that time Miguel has owned a mortgage franchise, a medical spa, a training business, two restaurants, three fitness clubs, and various online retail businesses. In 2018, Martinez sold the  last of those assets and his interests as he prepares to turn 50 years old in June 2019 and pursue new ventures in age management, writing books and producing movies.   Currently, Miguel is developing a concept for a PRP skin therapy and hormone replacement clinic for men.   Miguel is also finishing his first book to be released in July 2019.  In the fall of 2018, Miguel started production and filming of a horror movie he wrote and plans to resume that project in the fall of 2019.  Miguel states, “There is no end goal for me. I want to continue to improve and get better until the day I pass on to the next life. When that day comes, I want to know that everything and everyone I’ve been involved with became better and I lived life doing what I enjoyed and was passionate about.”  Miguel currently resides in Dallas with his life partner Cesar and their two rescue dogs, Bandit and Barkley. 

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